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Burgundy - Remi Jeanniard Morey St Denis

Burgundy - Remi Jeanniard Morey St Denis

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Winemaker's Notes:

The nose unfolds, a graceful unveiling of noble vegetation. It is followed by whispers of spices—clove, nutmeg, grey pepper—while in the background, a delicate trace of dried orange peel lingers. Together, they weave a tapestry of subtlety and refinement, a prelude that sets the stage for the connoisseur's journey.

Mirroring the olfactory tale, it's the noble vegetation that initiates the dance upon the palate. In this intricate vintage, all that defines the appellation is present, but it plays softly today: the "essence," the tartness of pomegranate, the fragrances of red fruits, the silken texture. In 2020, it was exuberant; in 2021, it appears discreet and sparing. What remains is a wine of opulent hues, slightly enigmatic, but fully capable of surprising us in due course.

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