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Explosivo Red Vinho Verde

Explosivo Red Vinho Verde

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Explosivo was created to showcase a style of red wine that has been facing large demand lately in the US market: Chilleable, descomplicated red wine. Featuring one of the region's native grapes (Vinhao) made in a style that matched its liter-sized bottle: Juicy and fresh (despite its dark, inky color) rather than tannic and intense, which is how the wine is usually made in the region. It's light fizz caters to drinkers of Lambrusco drinkers (quite recognizeble style of wine in the US), delivering a much drier and more savory profile. The name and label refer to its "explosive" mouthfeel. Tasting notes: Fresh dark fruits (dark wild berries, plums). Herbal and leafy touch. Deep and dark flavors, followed by bright acidity and slight fizz. (T Edward)

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