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Iberico Copa

Iberico Copa

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Often referred to as the "Wagyu" of the pork world, our pork coppa originates from a distinct part of the pig, specifically the muscle between the neck and the fourth rib. This unique location results in a delicate balance of fat and meat, making it a prized cut among chefs and culinary enthusiasts.


Direct from Spain's family-owned farms, our iberico coppa not only carries with it the legacy of traditional farming but also the assurance of humane practices. Raised crate-free and living twice as long as industry norms, each slice speaks of ethics and care.


Traditionally, coppa is either dry-cured or cooked slowly to retain its inherent tenderness and rich flavors. With its notable nutty umami notes, our coppa pork promises a gastronomic experience like no other. Whether you choose to savor it in thin slices or cook it to a perfect medium, its luxurious taste is undeniable.

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