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Octonuts Almonds - Herbes De Provence

Octonuts Almonds - Herbes De Provence

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From Octonuts:

For a nutty thyme. Everyone knows the ethereal flavor bouquet, the running-through-fields-aroma of rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage that is the Herbs De Provence blend. Well, our adventurous spin on it features almonds up front and center with a salty kick—all toasted up with our own cold-pressed almond oil for more fatty goodness. California-grown by a family farm, this almond snack is so irresistible, so tantalizing on the palate, you’ll forget they’re incredibly good for you thanks to a chock-full supply of protein, fiber and skin-boosting B vitamins. (Just say “oui” to your health.) These Cali-almonds are steam pasteurized using natural water.

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