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Pet Nat - DeFi Carbonic Muscadine

Pet Nat - DeFi Carbonic Muscadine

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9+ Bottle Discount

From Botanist & Barrel:

Introducing our carbonic muscadine pet nat—a celestial elixir that dances upon the palate like cosmic juicy fruit, intertwining with stardust and luminous neon hues. It bursts forth, a kaleidoscope of celestial flavors, taking you on a transcendent journey.

But what exactly is carbonic? It's a winemaking technique wherein whole grapes undergo fermentation inside a sealed vessel, rich with carbon dioxide. This process yields a vibrant and fruity wine, boasting minimal tannins and an exceptional flavor profile. Given the robust nature of muscadines and their thick skins, carbonic fermentation was the perfect choice to capture a superlative expression of their juicy essence.

Raise your glasses to a foxy and fruity explosion—a symphony of juicy sweetness harmonizing with a delightful tartness, akin to the taste of candy. This is a celebration of muscadine like no other. Cheers! 

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