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Picpoul - Bonny Doon

Picpoul - Bonny Doon

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9+ Bottle Discount

Winemaker Notes: "The redoubtable Beeswax Vineyard in the Arroyo Seco appellation of Monterey County has the very singular and coincidental habit of producing white grapes expressing the unique scent of...well, beeswax. Along with beeswax, one apprehends the rather discreet scent of white flowers and perhaps pineapple. But while the scent of Picpoul is subtle, one is forcefully struck by the wine's bracing acidity and its unique savoriness (who's you-mami?). A soupcon of Grenache Blancs adds a discreet measure of weight and texture; further, there is a discernible quality of brininess that makes this wine and aboslutely perfect match for all manner of crustacean and molluscan nutriment." - Randall Grahm (Winemaker/Founder)

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