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Rose - Darling Counoise

Rose - Darling Counoise

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Sourced from Windmill Vineyard in the Dunnigan Hills, our inaugural Rosé is made from Certified Organic Counoise grapes. For our first ever Rosé, we wanted to produce a wine that had all of the light, bright, and thirst-quenching flavor we love in Rosé, while adding an additional aromatic and texture component to elevate the complexity while maintaining the fun, celebratory feel. So how did we do this? Instead of pressing the grapes upon harvesting, we chose to gently food tread them first and release juice to soak with the skins and stems of the fruit before going to press. This process allowed for a short three hour maceration which extracted additional flavor and texture adding complexity to the finished wine. The result? A juicy, textured, refreshing Rosé that smells and tastes like tart strawberries, watermelon, and white flowers. It will be your go to wine this summer, count on it. (Darling Wines)

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