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Toscana Rosso - Castellin Villa La Gazzarina

Toscana Rosso - Castellin Villa La Gazzarina

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At La Gazzarine, Coralia looks for the fresh fruit of the Sangiovese grape rather than strength and intensity. The grapes come from the youngest vineyards. These are planted on a soil with a lot of fossil and smaller amounts of limestone and clay. the fermentation takes place with natural yeast in a stainless steel tank. Few extraction techniques are used. This sangiovese has lots of red fruit and red berries with floral notes. The tannins are soft and supportive. Before maturing, the wine remains in the stainless steel tanks for a while and is lightly filtered before bottling. The result is a refreshing glass of red wine that you can safely serve chilled (12-14 °C). The perfect match for light cold dishes such as a charcuterie platter, cheeses, fish dishes or pasta with tomato sauce.

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