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Vermouth - Naturale Bitter

Vermouth - Naturale Bitter

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Stepping into the world of the Naturale Bitter Vino is a journey into the art of bitterness, where complexity and balance unite in a profound symphony. In the glass, this Vermouth displays an enchanting deep amber hue, promising a sensory exploration. The nose is a captivating fusion of bitter orange peel, aromatic herbs, and a whisper of exotic spices, creating an aromatic mosaic that intrigues the senses. As it graces the palate, the Bitter Vermouth Vino reveals its bold character. A foundation of bitter botanicals, highlighted by gentian and wormwood, harmonizes with layers of dried fruits, cloves, and a touch of caramel sweetness. The mouthfeel is velvety, with a subtle tannic structure adding depth. The finish is enduring, leaving a bittersweet echo and a hint of warm spices. The 2019 Naturale Bitter Vermouth Vino is a testament to the artistry of bitterness, a Vermouth that captivates with its bold and sophisticated allure.

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