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Thank you for your interest in Hoopers Creek Wine Market!


           Hoopers Creek Wine Market is a family run business consisting of Josh, Mollie and their toddler Theo.  Josh's passion for wine all started after receiving his Bachelor's degree in quantitative geoscience at Appalachian State University, and subsequently going on his two month geology field camp trip backpacking all over Italy.  While in Perugia, Assisi and Montefalco particularly, Josh fell in love with the table wine culture of Italy, and most importantly relating wine's terroir to his expertise in geology.  His passion lies in the ability to taste a time and place through a wine, which translates to a wine's vintage and appellation/region.

          After working in the geology field for 8 years and owning a geology firm for the last 3 years, Josh felt a desire to make a career pivot in order to find a more creative way to express his love for the foundations of the earth.  Josh and Mollie had been casually learning about wine for most of the decade of their relationship, and it seemed like the perfect passion project to bring natural and low-intervention wines to their neighborhood!

          Josh and Mollie take pride in their collection of natural, low intervention, small family farmed wines, carefully curating every bottle they have in stock.  Hoopers Creek Wine Market isn't just here to sell wine; it's here to share the unique stories behind each vineyard and the remarkable individuals who crafted these exceptional wines.

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Cheers and welcome to Hoopers Creek Wine Market!

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