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White Wine - Torontel Super Estrella Roberto Henriquez

White Wine - Torontel Super Estrella Roberto Henriquez

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After working with diverse and well-regarded winemakers across France, South Africa, and Canada, Roberto Henriquez returned to his native Chile to make natural wines using traditional methods unique to Chilean wine production. All of his wines are grown organically and ferment with ambient yeast before bottling without fining or filtering. This white is made from Torontel, a unique grape grown in small quantities in South America that is genetically similar to Muscat de Alexandria, and has a similarly aromatic profile. Aromas of jasmine, cherry blossom, and ginger are met with a dry, slightly cloudy palate with notes of almond and white tea. This wine can stand up to flavorful dishes like Ethiopian spiced Okra and lentil stew, or would go great with Fish Tacos. (GnarlyVines)

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